About Optimum Vision Clinic

When you visit your optometrist, you should never just get a prescription so you can see more clearly.

It’s your optometrist’s responsibility to make sure you have the best possible vision and the best possible eye health, throughout your life.

As your local independent optician, this is exactly what we do.

The difference you get with an independent optician

It’s important to us that we’re an independent optician. It means we’re not tied to a limited range of manufacturers. We don’t have a head office telling us which promotions to push. And we have the freedom to offer our patients longer appointments. So we always have time to listen to you, and you never feel rushed.

In 2017, Which? visited 30 opticians as part of their research into standards of eye care. The only brands their panel rated as excellent and gave no poor ratings to, were independent opticians.

Which? recommends that a good eye examination should include: A comprehensive eye test, clear advice and an accurate prescription.

Because we’re independent we do all this, and more. For example, when you buy your glasses from us you can call in at any time to have the frames adjusted, for as long as you have them. This is because we know, for you to enjoy the best possible vision, the position of your lenses in relation to your eyes is paramount. If they’re not in perfect alignment it can affect the quality and comfort of your vision.

It’s attention to detail like this that makes the difference.

Which? recommends that a good eye examination should include:

A comprehensive eye test

Clear Advice

An accurate prescription

Unbeatable choice and value

Because we’re an independent optician we’re free to stock any frames. So we have more than 1,500 for you to choose from. And if there are frames you’d like that we don’t have, we’ll happily order them for you.

We only ever supply the best quality lenses, some of which you can’t buy on the high street.

We know there are opticians whose prices are cheaper than ours. But we don’t try and compete with them. What we offer isn’t about price. It’s about value, and we’re confident no other optician can beat us on value.

New Technology

Our patients describe us as…

‘first-class,’ ‘professional,’ ‘excellent,’ ‘extremely thorough,’ ‘expert,’ ‘caring,’ ‘nothing less than first rate,’ ‘helpful,’ ‘friendly,’ ‘above and beyond what you’d expect,’ ‘exemplary clinical care,’ ‘high level of clinical skill and diligence’

We’re so proud our patients think of us like this. And we’re aware that we always need to do our best to maintain this reputation. So, as well as continually updating our own training and development, we also invest in the most up-to-date technology.

This keeps us at the forefront of our profession and means we can continue to give you the best possible eye care. You can see more about our extensive range of equipment, what it is and why we use it here.

“It’s a bit like seeing your own doctor…”

You rely on your optician to give you care and advice you can trust. We promise to always give you the very best of both. This means expert, comprehensive and continuous eye care from our whole team.

“I hate having eye tests and panic at the prospect of having one done. I finally plucked up the courage to book one at OVC having been into the shop once to get a new nose piece fixed to my specs and being impressed with how genuine and friendly the staff were. I had my eye test this morning and have never been so impressed with opticians’ staff in my life … and I’ve been having my eyes tested for over 40 years! They even gave me a cup of tea to drink while I was being tested! I don’t know if they do this for every customer or whether it was to help calm me down, but it was very much appreciated. I then had the undivided attention of the staff as I chose the best frames and lenses for me. I would never have had that level of service in a high street chain.

It’s a bit like the difference between getting to see your own doctor instead of which ever doctor happens to be available when you go to the health centre. I know any follow up care will be with someone who actually knows me. Thank you so much; I cannot recommend you highly enough x”

Eleanor Jane Knight