Stellest™ Lenses

Did you know that myopia happens when children’s eyes grow more than they should? When this process doesn’t stop, we call it myopia progression.

Essilor designed Stellest lenses for children with myopia (short-sightedness) progression.

Today most myopic children wear standard spectacle lenses. These lenses correct myopia and allow children to see clearly. However, their myopia is still getting worse, and as they grow, their myopia may progress, requiring stronger prescriptions. The more the correction grows, the more they are dependent on their glasses, increasing the risk of becoming highly myopic and developing complications.

High myopia is a major concern nowadays, affecting children’s daily lives and development. It is why Essilor has been working for many years on innovative technology against the progression of myopia.

Reducing myopia progression

Stellest lenses are made of a cutting-edge constellation of 1021 invisible lenslets. On top of bringing sharp vision like a standard single vision lens, this constellation creates a signal in the child’s eye, acting as a shield against eye elongation.

The Single Vision Zone, carrying your child’s prescription, provides sharp vision by perfectly focusing light on the retina. The lens design ensures a large prescription zone guaranteeing clear vision and comfort.

Thanks to the H.A.L.T technology, Essilor® Stellest lenses slow down myopia progression by 67% on average, compared to single vision lenses when worn 12 hours a day.

Has my child got myopia?

Short-sightedness is a very common eye condition caused by genetics, environment, and lifestyle. If a child’s parents also have myopia, their child is seven times more likely to develop myopia. Myopia usually can appear as young as six years old. If you notice your child struggles to see the TV screen clearly or their teacher has mentioned that they have issues seeing a whiteboard in class, it could indicate that they suffer from short-sightedness.

A standard eye test can determine if your child has myopia, and one of our optometrists will be able to provide the best solution for their needs.

And get your child’s eyes regularly tested, ideally every 12 months. If you or your child notices a change in their vision, just book an eye test with us here at OVC, and we will be able to check for any changes.

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