Your lenses

These days, modern technology means contact lenses are more comfortable and easy to use than ever before.

So, although some people have conditions that mean they shouldn’t wear them, most people can enjoy the freedom and convenience contact lenses bring. And most people find that, once they’re used to their new lenses, they forget they have them in.

Before you decide to start wearing contact lenses we advise you book an appointment for an eye examination.

We can then check the general health, shape and surface of your eyes to make sure contact lenses are suitable for you.

“I cannot recommend this opticians highly enough. From start to finish their service was first class. I also chose to have contact lenses, the service they provided was amazing. Their endless patience in teaching me to insert and remove the lenses was above and beyond any service you would get in a high street optician. Thank you again.” Sandy Flynn

Your contact lens examination

The right lenses for you

Your contact lens examination is a little different from our standard eye examination. To get your contact lens prescription we’ll need your current glasses prescription (if you don’t have this we can do it for you). We’ll also need to check to see if contact lenses are suitable for you. If they are, we’ll talk to you about your lifestyle, expectations and prescription to see which type of lenses will be best for you.

How to handle your lenses

Next we’ll show you how to insert and remove your lenses until you’re confident you can do this yourself at home. And we’ll carefully explain how important it is you follow our lens safety advice.

Try out your lenses

You can then try wearing contact lenses for a while to see how you get on with them. Following your trial period, we’ll see you again, and together we can decide whether contact lenses are a suitable long-term solution for you.

Lenses for everyone

If you have a particular prescription, eye shape or condition, you may need a specific type of contact lenses. We can supply lenses to suit all eyes and all budgets.

From daily, two-weekly, monthly and even cosmetic lenses, we have something for everyone.

See more about the different types of contact lenses we supply below

Making contact lenses even easier

We can help make it even easier for you to wear contact lenses.

We can send your lenses by post so you’ll always have your new lenses when you need them. And you can spread the cost when you pay by monthly direct debit.

See below for more information

How to look after your eyes

When you wear contact lenses it’s vital you look after them carefully. Damaged or dirty lenses can harm your eyes or cause infection. However, it’s easy to prevent this and enjoy getting the most from your lenses.

For information on how to protect your eyes when you wear contact lenses download our helpful PDF below.


Our contact lens guarantee

All the contact lenses we supply are genuine and come direct from the manufacturer. This is good to know, because if you buy your lenses online you can’t always be sure where they’re from or whether they’re safe to use.