Coloured Overlays

Coloured Overlays

Coloured overlays are transparent sheets of coloured plastic that are placed over written text to reduce visual stress and improve reading fluency. They can be used by individuals who experience difficulties with reading, such as those with dyslexia or visual perceptual problems. The overlays work by altering the contrast of the text and reducing the glare from the white page. This can make it easier for readers to distinguish letters and words, and to maintain their focus while reading. Coloured overlays are a simple and low-cost solution that can make a significant difference for struggling readers, and are widely used in educational settings.

Eye Examination

To address any visual issues that may be impacting reading abilities, it’s crucial to undergo a thorough eye examination. This will help identify and correct any visual anomalies that could be contributing to reading difficulties. Sometimes, a simple change in prescription or eye exercises can make a significant difference in addressing these issues. Therefore, a comprehensive eye examination is an important step in ensuring optimal visual health and improving reading fluency.


How do overlay reduce Visual Stress?

Coloured overlays are primarily used to reduce visual stress and improve reading fluency. They are often used by individuals with dyslexia or other visual perceptual problems, but can also be helpful for anyone who experiences discomfort or fatigue when reading. Some of the specific uses of coloured overlays include:

  1. Enhancing contrast and reducing glare: Coloured overlays can make text easier to read by altering the contrast between the text and the page, and reducing the glare from the white background.
  2. Improving visual tracking: Coloured overlays can help readers to track lines of text more accurately, reducing the likelihood of skipping or repeating lines.
  3. Reducing eye strain: By reducing the need for the eyes to constantly adjust focus and brightness, coloured overlays can help to reduce eye strain and fatigue during reading.
  4. Increasing reading speed: Coloured overlays can help to improve reading speed by making it easier for readers to distinguish individual letters and words.
  5. Improving comprehension: By reducing the effort required to read, coloured overlays can help readers to focus more on the meaning of the text and improve comprehension.
  6. Supporting visual perceptual skills: Coloured overlays can be used as part of a wider programme of visual perceptual training to improve skills such as visual memory and visual closure.

What is the most suitable colour for me?

When it comes to finding the right overlay colour, a professional assessment is crucial. Optimum Vision Clinic offers comprehensive assessments to determine the optimal overlay colour for each individual’s unique needs and preferences.

Our assessment includes:

  • A thorough evaluation by experienced optometrists
  • Use of advanced diagnostic tools and techniques
  • Identification of the specific tint that will provide the most effective reduction of visual stress
  • Personalised recommendations tailored to each individual’s needs and preferences
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 Coloured Lenses

Coloured lenses in glasses are a popular and convenient alternative to coloured overlays for individuals with visual perceptual difficulties. Unlike overlays, coloured lenses provide a permanent solution that can be worn throughout the day, eliminating the need to constantly adjust and reposition overlays. They are also customisable, with a range of tints available to match individual needs and preferences. Coloured lenses offer consistent results, regardless of lighting or other external factors, making them suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. They are comfortable to wear and won’t slip or move around like overlays can. Coloured lenses can be used for all types of reading, from books to digital screens, and they offer a professional and stylish appearance that is suitable for all occasions.

At Optimum Vision Clinic, optometrists offer comprehensive eye exams and services to improve visual health and reduce stress. Their expertise helps individuals overcome challenges and enhance their quality of life.