Children’s Eye Examinations

“1 in 5 children have an undetected eye problem.”

The Association of British Opticians 

Your child may be unaware they can’t see well, particularly if they’ve had a problem with their vision from birth.  This means, if you don’t have their eyes examined, the problem could go undetected for years. Eventually it could affect their development and education. 

 Your child’s eyes may be checked several times following their birth. For example, your midwife, health visitor or doctor may all do a routine check and your child may have an eye test when they start school.  

However, these checks aren’t as thorough as the examination a qualified optician can do. Therefore, we advise that you also regularly bring your child in for an appointment with us.  

 Children’s eye tests are free under the NHS. So you can book an appointment for a routine eye examination for your child at any time. Please also make an appointment for your child to see us if you have any concerns about their vision or the health of their eyes. 

Things to look out for:


Blinking a lot

Lots of headaches

Rubbing their eyes a lot

Having one eye that turns in or out

Holding things close to their face to see them

Feeling tired if they’ve been concentrating for a while

If you notice a white reflection from your child’s eye in photographs you should see your optician or GP immediately. This can indicate a serious condition. 

Don’t worry if your child can’t read or recognise letters. We’ll still be able to do a thorough eye examination and can use, for example, shapes or pictures for that part of the test.  

 If your child does need glasses, you’ll receive an NHS voucher. This will contribute to the cost of their glasses or even cover it in full. You can see more information about our children’s glasses here. 

“Excellent service, fantastic with my little boy and a great selection of glasses.”

Amey Savill

Advanced eye examinations for children

We offer advanced eye examinations for children. As for adults, these tests give us far more detailed images of the eyes and can help to pick up serious conditions in their very early stages.


OCT scan: £17.50
OCT scan and Optomap imaging: £30.00

Contact lenses for children

Children and teenagers can be fitted with MiSight contact lenses. They can be particularly helpful for children who play a lot of sport. There is no minimum age for children to wear contact lenses. However, as it is critical that contact lenses are kept scrupulously clean, you will need to be sure your child is able to take on this responsibility. For more information please ring us on 0118 981 0267 or call into the practice at any time.