How to look after your eyes when you wear contact lenses

Read these guidelines

Before you wear your contact lenses for the first time, please read these guidelines. They'll help you enjoy wearing your lenses, safe in the knowledge you're taking the best possible care of your eyes.

Protect your eyes

Dirty or damaged contact lenses can cause infections or harm your eyes. So it’s vital you clean, handle and store your lenses carefully. This is easy to do and makes good sense, as when you look after your lenses, you look after your eyes.

Refresh your memory

Even if you’ve been wearing contact lenses for a while, we advise you read these guidelines again from time to time. It’s a good way to refresh your memory and check you’re doing all you can to look after the health of your eyes.

When you wear your lenses, always ask yourself these three important questions:

Is there any redness in my eyes?

Do my eyes feel uncomfortable?

Is my vision blurry or unclear?

If you answer yes to any of the questions, please remove your lenses, rinse them well using the recommended solution and put them back in.

If problem persists, please call us on 0118 981 0267.

How to clean your lenses

Always wash your hands with soap and water then dry them thoroughly before handling your lenses.

Never use anything other than fresh contact lens solution to clean your lenses. Nothing else will disinfect and clean them properly.

Clean your reusable lenses when you take them out of your eyes, before you put them back in their case. And if you drop a lens and it isn’t damaged (if it is, throw it away) clean it thoroughly before you put it in your eye.

Place the lens in the palm of your hand and pour a little solution in the lens

With your index finger (avoiding your nail) gently rub the lens for 15-20 seconds

Rinse the lens with solution and check it’s smooth and completely clean


Wash your hands before inserting and removing your lenses

Dispose of monthly or fortnightly lenses at the recommended time

Dispose of single use lenses after each wear

Clean your lenses with the correct solution

Check the expiry date of your solution before you use it

Replace your lens case every month

Have regular eye check-ups

Apply hairspray before you put your lenses in

Put your lenses in before doing your makeup and remove them before taking it off


Wear your lenses for longer than the recommended time

Use anything other than the recommended solution to wash or wet your lenses

Change your solution without talking to your optician

Use eye drops when you’re wearing your lenses without advice from your optician

Ignore any irritation or discomfort you feel when you’re wearing your lenses: see your optician immediately

Share your contact lenses

Wear lenses that are damaged or dirty

Wear your lenses if you are unwell

Sleep in your lenses unless your optician has advised that it’s OK to do so

Swim, shower, have a sauna or do water sports in your lenses unless you’re wearing goggles

If after wearing contact lenses you notice any changes in your vision or you’re concerned about your sight or the health of your eyes, please call us on 0118 981 0267. We may be able to help you over the phone and, if necessary, can make an emergency appointment to see you.