Single vision spectacle lenses have the same prescription over the whole of their surface. They allow you to see things clearly at a single distance and are usually designed to correct your vision for one purpose. This may be to see things in the distance, such as when you drive or watch television, or for close-up tasks such as reading.

Nowadays, almost all lenses are made from different types of plastic that vary in thickness and weight. So, even if you have a strong prescription where once the lenses were bulky, now you can usually have much thinner lenses. These make your glasses look better cosmetically and, because they are lighter, are more comfortable to wear. No more red marks on your nose.

We also offer different lens coatings to suit your particular needs. For example, some reduce glare from oncoming headlights, some offer UV protection when you’re outdoors and others help make your vision more comfortable when you use your phone or laptop for long periods.

We offer EyeZen, an exciting new lens that was designed to meet the demands of modern lifestyles and work environments.

EyeZen lenses boost the prescription in the lower portion of your lens for when you need extra magnification. This can be when you look at the dashboard while you’re driving, when you glance at your keyboard while you’re working on a computer or when you go on your phone while you’re watching television.

Bifocal lenses allow two prescriptions to be corrected in one set of glasses. They used to be very popular with people who wanted to correct their distance and close vision with one pair of glasses. However, today we find people tend to prefer varifocal lenses.

Bifocals are convenient in that they correct two distances in one lens. However, you then have to choose which two distances to have in your glasses. Some people find this limiting, for example when they’re driving or using a computer.

Varifocal lenses, also known as multifocal or progressive lenses, are designed to let you see clearly at various distances. They are usually worn by people who are 40 or older and who find it difficult to see things close up and far away.

Rather than having separate single vision glasses for each distance, varifocals let you see both at the same time. They are also useful if you can see distance well but need glasses to read as they eliminate the need to repeatedly put your reading glasses on and take them off again.

Varifocal lenses have the distance prescription at the top of the lens and the reading prescription at the bottom. The power blends seamlessly from one to the other. When you look straight ahead, you will be looking through the upper portion of the lens and your distance vision will be in focus. Equally, when you look down to read, you will look through the lower portion of the lens and your near vision will be in focus.

Some older designs help you see clearly at different distances but when you look to the side, through the edge of the lens, your vision may not be as clear. More recent designs give you much better vision at the sides of the lens. Some can even be tailor-made to suit your prescription, frame style, frame fitting, facial characteristics, head posture and lifestyle.

For your peace of mind, all our varifocal lenses come with a satisfaction guarantee. Our experienced dispensing team will guide you through the options to find the lenses that will suit you best.

Work-style lenses, also known as occupational and enhanced reading lenses, are designed to let you do all of your close- up tasks easily.

Single vision lenses are great for reading. However, when you need to see things a bit further away you may have to take your glasses off or move back and forth until your vision is clear again. Work-style lenses are designed to solve this problem so you have comfortable and clear vision, where and when you need it.

Work-style lenses are a bit like varifocals in that the top of the lens is different from the bottom. However, they are not designed to be worn all the time. They’re available in many different types and can be tailor-made to suit your specific needs.

For example, you can choose to see your computer screen at arm’s length and a notice-board on the other side of the office. You can choose lenses that help  you read your magazine and look up to watch the television. Or you can choose lenses that help you see comfortably when you’re shopping, looking up and down the aisles and at the goods on the shelves.
All of these are possible with the right design of lens. Our experienced dispensing team will be able to guide you to the one that’s right for you.

Blue light or Blue-Violet light is emitted from the screens we use every day. Some suggest that, alongside UV light, blue light can cause our eyes to age prematurely. And it has been reported that exposure to blue-light can cause eye-strain, fatigue and headaches associated with prolonged screen use.

Crizal Prevencia is a coating for your lenses that filters out blue light and so helps support retinal cell survival. Because it also blocks UV rays from passing through the front of the lens and reflecting off the back of your lens into your eye, Crizal Prevencia has an E-SPF rating of 35, the highest E-SPF index of any clear lens.

We all use digital screens on some form of technology, whether on a mobile phone or a tablet computer. On average, people who use a computer at work, spend 10 hours or more on technology every day. Prolonged use of a VDU can increase the rate at which we blink and cause dry eyes and eye strain.

If you have to use a computer as part of your job, your employer should pay for you to have regular eye examinations and contribute to the cost of glasses, if you need them.

We offer occupational lenses from leading companies including EyeZen and Digitime. If you use a digital screen, they will help you enjoy clear and comfortable vision.

Which lenses do you need?

Essilor is one of the leading lens manufacturers. They developed the table below to help you understand the type of lenses you may need. If you’d like more information about which lenses will be best for you please call us on 0118 981 0267 or book an appointment.

Recommendations for: Lens type
Floaters Xperio Polarised, Transitions, Saphire
Photophobia (light sensitivity) Xperio Polarised, Sapphire
Astigmatism Varilux X Series, EyeZen, Single vision lenses
Eyestrain/Fatigue Single vision lenses, EyeZen, Transitions Xtra-active, Crizal Prevencia
Long Distance Single vision, EyeZen, Varilux varifocal
Headaches EyeZen, Varilux X series, Transitions- Xtractive, Crizal Prevencia
Myopia Single vision, EyeZen, Transitions, Xperio Polarised
Glasses for one eye EyeZen, Varilux, Polarised lenses