It is important to ensure your child has regular eye examinations.

You may think, my child has never complained?

You have not noticed them finding any difficulties while reading or watching television?

I have perfect vision, and so will my child?

We found some frightening statistics recently – The Association of British Dispensing Opticians have reported that 60% of parents in the UK, when asked, were unaware that their child was meant to have an eye test every 2 years!

They surveyed 2000 parents and found out that two thirds of the parents asked actually incorrectly assumed that their child should have their first eye test when they start school, and a whopping 12% of the parents surveyed thought your child only had to have their eyes tested if one of their parents wore glasses.

Did you know that your child will not always know if he or she is struggling, as they don’t know any different? Children are brilliant in adapting, and can sometimes struggle without them or you knowing.

The eye tests for children under 16 and everyone under 19, and still in full time education, are entitled to sight tests funded by the government.

If your child needs glasses or treatment is required, most treatment is effective before the age of 7. So the sooner it is identified the better results your child is likely to have.

If your child requires spectacles the government supplies a voucher towards the cost. Optimum Vision subsidises part of the lenses as we truly believe in giving your child quality products, and refuse to take any shortcuts.

We have a large selection of children and young adult’s frames, so your child will feel confident and comfortable. We do have a large selection of plastic and metal frames which can be supplied FREE with a voucher. We do have a designer range and some extra might need to be paid but we offer all ranges so your child is truly spoilt for choice.

We do accept vouchers from other opticians, and will be happy to accept them if the prescription is in date.

If your child scratches the lenses or breaks the frame, make sure they are not struggling to see. A repair voucher can be issued that can be used towards rectifying any problems your child may have with the frames/lenses.