We truly believe in supplying value and good quality products. You should not have to buy two pairs to get a deal. Why should you be forced to pay a price that includes a second pair free from a limited range? Why won’t these places let you pay less for the first pair? We do not charge prices that include a second pair, while pretending the second pair is free. At Optimum Vision Clinic we offer half price and free upgrades to lenses with promotions allowing you to choose form our entire range.

On the surface though saying the second pair is half price doesn’t sound as good as the second pair is free. However we have done our own like for like price comparisons and buying two pairs from optimum vision clinic is usually the same or even less than those second pair free opticians. The difference is you don’t have to get the second pair if you don’t want to and also you have a fully open choice, the second pair does not have to come from a selected, limited and cheap range.

We will not knowingly be undersold.

How many times have you thought you were getting a great deal or in fact felt you spent a lot more than you were initially thought? Think about it! We emphasis on quality as we know that this is the best for your vision. We offer frames

The modern marketing spin seems dedicated to obscuring people’s right to choice. As honest professional with years of experience, we have no right to dictate what you can or cannot afford, or may or may not value. Our role is to ensure you are given the fullest choice, whether it be clinical care, contact lenses, spectacle frames or lenses. Offering people only the cheapest product or pretending its free, limits the care available to you.