Last week I travelled to Jodhpur, Rajasthan in India to provide much needed optical healthcare for the local residents.

What an extremely humbling experience this was. During our stay we managed to see 986 patients, including children and adults from local orphanages as well as deprived villages.

We held free drop-in clinics which involved checking vision, refraction to determine their prescription and ophthalmoscopy to check the health of their eyes.

The orphans were the hardest to test, to hear some of their stories and to know what some of the children have been through was very upsetting. However what made us determined even more to continue as we knew deep down this could really change their lives. We knew that the better the children could see then the more likely they are to learn better, and if they have learn better it means their future prospects are broadened just that little bit more.

I would like to thank the Optimum Vision Clinic team for coming out with me to Rajasthan and for the rest of the team measuring all the 534 pairs of glasses that were generously donated by our patients and AWE employees!

You should all feel so proud that someone is seeing that little better because of you! I would also like to thank Kay pictures for donating their charts.

The trip was a great success and we are hoping to do another one at the end of the year/next year. Donating old unwanted glasses will be very much appreciated, so please let everyone know we are still collecting.